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This page gives an overview of our research in the field of superconductivity. For further information please see also our publications.


With an extensive experience in the synthesis and study of physical properties of superconductors we currently focus on the recently discovered iron-pnictide high-temperature superconductors. In particular we explore their application potential and we found not only very high magnetic critical field scales, in excess of 50 Tesla at liquid He temperatures, but also high critical current densities. Both bode well for possible applications. For this latest study we have developed a technique based on Focused-Ion-Beam (FIB) carving that enables us to perform four-point transport and critical current measurements with high precision on μm scales. In collaboration with the US National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, we investigate the transport properties of LnFeAs(O,F) crystals cut into nano-bridges in continuous and pulsed high magnetic fields.

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