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Spring Semester 2017

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402-0505-00L Physics in the Smartphone  M. Sigrist,
B. Batlogg

Physics in the Smartphone

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We explore how traditional and new physics concepts and achievements make their way into today's ubiquitous high-tech gadget: the smartphone.

Examples of topics include:

  • Network topology and scratch proof Gorilla glass
  • Spin-orbit coupling makes for four times brighter displays
  • No GPS without general theory of relativity
  • Electromagnetic response of matter (transparent metals for displays, GPS signal propagation in the atmosphere)
  • Lightfield cameras; CCD and CMOS light sensors
  • Physical limitations to IC scaling: the end of "Moore's law",
  • Meta-materials for antennas
  • Physics of the various MEMS sensor


Prof. Dr. B. Batlogg
Prof. Dr. M. Sigrist

Tuesday, 08:45-10:30
HIT F 11.1


In order to take the exam every student has to give one presentation of about 30 minutes, 45 minutes if presented by two students. Please get in contact with your assistant well before (at least 3-4 weeks) your talk. Please have the final version of your talk ready by Friday afternoon before your presentation in class. You will also have a practice talk with your assistant prior to your talk.

Introductory reading

Reference for introductory reading will be mailed to every student prior to every presentation. It is intended to provide additional information to read up on the topic beforehand. To access the links below, you need to be inside the ETH network, i.e. either be on campus or use VPN.

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